How do i properly register on your Site, where can i find my Discord ID? 
Please follow the video tutorial below


How do i claim my 🔰Customer Role on your Discord once i'm eligible? 
Please follow the video tutorial below



Where can i find my download links to my purchases if i lost them? 
First, log-in to your email client, and try searching for " ThinLineSanctuary ". 
You should have gotten an email named " Your downloads are ready ", open it and you will find your download links there. 

If that didn't work, please head to our Discord, and under the Support Tickets tab open a new ticket, and please state the purpose of your ticket, and for a faster interaction please write down the email address you used to register on the website with.
We will re-send you the download links in under 24 hours. 

Can i edit your Packages / Models? 
Regarding the 3D Models, yes you can edit the textures, and ONLY the textures. You can also release / resell those edited textures, however you need to credit us. 

As per the Uniform Packages, you will need to Open a Support Ticket on our Discord, and ask for Editoral Permission. After your ticket has been opened, please state what you want to edit (which pack and which part of those packs), and please write down the email address you used to register on the website with. 
 Permission is not guaranteed, but 99% of the times people receive the go-ahead .

Where can i find the Third Party Assets(TPA) in your Packages? 

• Most TPA's are not included in the packages, and you can find the developers / links or invites in the readme's or in the credits of each package. Most recent packages have them marked in their showcase pictures. They also might be pinned in our Discord's Customer Section.
If you still can't find them, feel free to ask in our Discord Customer Support section or open a ticket.

What cars do your liveries fit on? 
Each one of our Livery Packages come with a file listing all of the BASE MODELS and it's Developer.
(You can see this list in the listing channels on our Discord prior to purchasing, or here on the website in the Livery Package's description.)

Many people confuse base models with just car models setup with different equipment and lights. Base Models are what most developers use to create their own setups and version of the given vehicle

 Example:  2011 CVPI [0taku, TheHurk, BxBugs]
This example means that the package supports the 2011 CVPI Base model made by the developer(s) that are listed in the brackets.
In the case of multiple developers listed like in the example above, means it supports 3 completely different CVPI base models made by 3 different Developers.

Let's see a literal case: Ripple releases a pack that contains a 2011 CVPI, the model will be compatible with our livery if Ripple used the same base model that we did when making the Livery. 

► How do i know if a vehicle that i have is compatible with your Liveries? ◄

 You can open each vehicles " Template " file, and most of the times the base model's creator will put their logo, or signature on it, and you can determine the creator of the base model this way. Clean and Simple.

If that's not an option, some vehicle developers list the base model's creator in their listing's credits, but if they don't we suggest you ask them, they should help you out with the base model creator's name, and then you can compare the list that was supplied to you with your Livery Pack - with the list the vehicle's developer gave to you.

If the above suggested methods didn't work out, you can try and ask on our Discord, maybe we - or other customers can help. After all someone might use or used the same Livery Package on the vehicle(s) that you are asking about.

If none of the above got you anywhere, then our last recommendation is the trial and error method. This means to try and see if liveries fit on the cars or not. Obviously this is the least practical, but it's just the way it is.