How to properly register on the site, and where to find my Discord ID?

You can watch our Tutorial Video below if you are more of a visual person.
If not, continue reading.

First and foremost, if you are not yet apart of our Community Discord, you will need to join by clicking here.

Now you need to click on the channel called " general " and type " /myid ".
(Don't worry, only you can see the bot's message that contains your ID.)

The Bot will now send you your Discord ID, you just need to copy and paste the number the it gave you in the registration field.

Claiming your customer role

How to claim my Customer Role for your Community Discord Server?

downloading your purchased pack

Where to find the downloads to your products?

First log-in to account here on the site, click the little man icon on the top right, then click on the Order ID (TLS#xxxx) of the order you wish to download. The download links should appear in the product box.

editing our products

Can i recolor / refit or just generally edit your products?

As per the Uniform / Livery Packages go, you will need to open a Support Ticket on our Discord.

If you have not yet joined our Community Discord, you can do so here.

You can find the Tickets under the " Support Tickets " section, and you can open a ticket in the " Ticket Request " channel, by typing tls?ticket " replace this text with the reason of your ticket here ".

After you opened your ticket, please state the purpose of your ticket, what you want to edit in mild detail (Which Package, and which part of the Package) and please write down the email address you used to register here on the site with, so we can verify that you are a legitimate customer of the given Package.

Permission is not guaranteed, but 99% of the times people receive the go-ahead.

Regarding the 3D Models, you are free to edit the textures, but ONLY the textures.

You are also permitted to release / resell said textures, however you need to credit us, and link the product from our website.

Third Party assets for our uniform packages

Where can i find the third party assets that you use(d) in your Uniform Packages?

Most Third Party Assets are not included, but you can find the links for them / it's developer's contact information in the product's archive, in the readmes.

Somestimes The Third Party Assets Developer's contact information can be found on the product's showcase pictures, here on the website.

Sometimes the link to a Third Party Asset, or it's Developer's contact information can be found pinned in our Community Discord, in one of the Customer Only channels.

If you are still having trouble finding a Third Party Asset, you are most welcome to ask in the " Modding Support " or " Customer Support " channels in our Community Discord, which if you are not a part of yet, you can join here.

Alternatively you can open a ticket, and ask our Staff directly. Firstly find the Support Tickets Section, and open a new ticket in the " Ticket Requests " channel by typing tls?ticket "replace this text with the reason of your ticket".

Once you opened your Ticket, please write down your issue in detail and please provide your email address that you used to register here on the website with, so we can verify that you are a Legitimate Customer of the Product.

About liveries

What cars do your liveries fit on?

Many people mistake Base Models, to custom setup cars that practically every vehicle developer sells / releases for the public.

Custom Setup cars / car packs (for an example Ripple's Code 3 Pack) are based on Base Models.

You can not purchase Base Models (well you can, but unless you are a developer, they are useless to you), but they are essential for both the vehicle developer, and for our Liveries, because the Vehicle's templates are also bound to the base model.
So while base models shouldn't interest your everyday Joe who just wants to play with the cars, you still should be aware of them, and that what are the most used ones currently on the market.

Now that you know what base models are, we can go a step further.

The Sheets that are included with all of our Livery Packages, that help you determine if the Livery will be compatible with the vehicle you purchased / own.

Let's look at an example:
2016 FPIU [Kanes]
This means the Livery is compatible with a 2016 FPIU Base Model, that was made by Kanes.

Again, of course you won't be buying this Base Model from Kanes, because it's useless to you.

You will be buying it from a Vehicle Developer (like Ripple), and you will have to see if the Vehicle Developer that you purchased the Custom Setup Car / Car Pack from has the Base Model he used listed anywhere in the packs listing / inside it's archive (if you already purchased it).

They should have it listed somewhere, however if they did not, you can simply ask them, and i'm sure they will provide it for you, because afterall, you are their customer.

If you read through the previous lines, it should start to get clear, but let's make it crystal clear.

If you purchase one of our Livery Packs, you will find the included Base Model compatibility Sheet, or as we do it with more modern Packages you will be able to download a Base Model Compatibility Kit as well, which will make your life easier, because you will also find all the templates in them.

So you have the sheet in front of you, and you see the make of year of the car, the brand, the type of car, and that who made that Base Model.

Now you have a few options on where you can start.

The first is to of course find out which base models were used on the cars you purchased, or looking to purchase.

You can try looking at the cars listing page, credits, or on the Discord of the Person you are buying from.
If you still were not able to find it, you should ask the Person who is selling the cars, and they surely will provide them to you happily.

Alternatively though, if you still couldn't get the Base Models used, you can start trial and erroring.

The first and probably best way is to open the vehicles template, and see if the creators name is on it by any chance. They are usually there, so that's a good starting point.
Now you can start matching the names.

The worse way, but if everything else fails, you can start trying on the liveries on different cars and see if it works on them. If they do, great. If they don't, repeat.