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guardian lbv

Equipped with high-quality gear for success in any situation.

ddm4v7 package

Customize it however you want with wide variety of attachments and options.
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AE Duty Belt Package

Featuring holsterable gear and two surface finishes.
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motorola mic & bodycam

Forget Axon. Stay connected with Motorola.
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Safariland 6360 Series

The Holsters are specifically designed for law enforcement, providing secure fit and maximum functionality.

square g pack

A tough, classic, always in style watch.
available now!

DDM4V7 Package

Customize it with wide variety of attachments and options.

Glock 19 Gen4 &
Safariland 7378 7TS

A compact handgun with a compact holster, for the best concealment.

Did you know?

The reticles of the sights included with the DDM4V7 Package are fully accurate and modeled from the real thing? It's pretty cool!

LSPA Uniform & Livery Package

Protect Los Santos on the Ground, in the Air, or even in the Water. Join the LSPA today!
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